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About Western Locates

Aerial 3D photograph of an underground locate

Western Locates is a division of Western Leakage Services, Ltd. Established in 1984, Western Leakage Services is a wholly Canadian company both owned and operated. We have been serving utility companies, engineering and construction firms, as well as government agencies for over 30 years.

Learn more about how Western is an industry leader in utility services.

About Western Locates

Utility Services

Utility Locating

Western Utility Locate Services provides the capability to locate buried pipe and cables. Our electronic and radar technologies detect gas, hydro, telephone, cablevision, and any other transmission lines.

Aerial Photography

Using aerial photography, underground utilities can be seen in direct relation to the surrounding area. Our product removes interpretation and second guessing from the equation, increasing productivity and site safety by reducing human errors on the job.

Leak Surveying

Western Leakage services provides the capability to pin point gas leaks on gas mains and gas services using flame ionization units and combustible gas indicators (CGI). Gas Leak Detection surveys are essential for identifying potentially hazardous and dangerous conditions that can have enormous personal, financial and environmental implications.