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Using innovative technology to provide better utility services, Western is the trusted leader in locates, and leak survey. Western is a proud BCCGA member with 30+ years of industry experience.

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Trusted Private Locates and Leak Survey

Western Locates is a division of Western Leakage Services, Ltd. Established in 1984 Western Leakage Services is a wholly Canadian company - both owned and operated. We have been serving utility companies, engineering firms, construction firms, and government agencies for over 30 years.

Innovative Utility Services

Western is an industry leader in innovation and technology. Our operators manage cutting edge tools and processes that are unique to the industry. We use innovating tools and processes to provide our clients with timely, professional, and technically sound service and products. Our procedures and processes comply with industrial, BCCGA, and WBC standards and best-practices.

30+ Years Industry Experience

With over 30 years of leadership in the industry, Western handles projects of all sizes from organizations of all varieties. From regular, critical infrastructure surveying to 24-hour emergency utility services, Western has the experience and resources to get the job done right.

BCCGA Membership

Western Leakage Services, Ltd. is a proud member of the BC Common Ground Alliance. The BCCGA is a non-profit organization established to lead development of consistent practices and coordination of activities to ensure the highest possible standards of public safety, worker safety and damage prevention in connection with underground infrastructure. Western Leakage Services Ltd is committed to delivering products and services to the quality outlined in the BCCGA Best Practices.